Clemens Hoffman - Pianist / Composer

30 October 2015

About '18 Pieces for Piano'

An introduction to the pieces

An educational and exciting mix of styles, techniques and timbres; that is the idea behind 18 Pieces for Piano. Instead of writing an educational book that focuses on one particular style or technical difficulty, Clemens Hoffman has put all his experience with different types of music into these 18 short pieces.

Clemens Hoffman is a classically trained pianist and composer who has also played in pop and jazz bands from an early age. He has contributed to musical and theatre productions and recorded three CDs. In his own teaching practice he uses these different experiences to the advantage of his pupils; he gives them the opportunity to try all sorts of styles, each at their own level, so they can find their own strengths, weaknesses and preferences. And it is not just his view on styles, but also his view on levels of technical difficulty that differs from common opinion. He feels that achieving the right tone can be just as difficult as playing a fast run or a complicated rhythm.  

His book, 18 Pieces for Piano, reflects these ideas and experiences. Each piece is different, with its own particular style, atmosphere and difficulty. Each will be a new challenge for the player, a new learning experience and a step on a musical journey.




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